Looking at 2 Years (2011-2013),

Looking over the minutes for this period, most of our meeting time was dedicated to information sharing:
1. To hear from PLWA, our partner and sponsor in developing a management plan for Pigeon Lake under the guidance and encouragement of the Province

Or hear presentations about:
2. Water monitoring
3. Eradication of Himalayan Balsam
4. Regional Sewer Update
5. The County of Wetaskiwin’s Area Concept Plan
6. The Watermere Development in Leduc County
7. Lake Access in Leduc County
8. Fish on Pigeon Lake
9. Shoreline Inventory
10. Action for Nutrient Reduction
11. Fisheries Biologist Presentation
12. Water Quality Report
13. Well water Monitoring
14. Status of the Weir
15. Experimental Lakes Area
16. Emergency Management and Preparedness
17. Zebra and Quagga Mussels – invasive species
18. Water Rescue on Pigeon Lake

That was about 18-20 different topics in 2 years.  


At 9 meetings, there were 17 decisions made.

The most exciting part of drafting the Regional Collaboration grant application in 2013 was the great sense of unity as PLWA, the Pigeon Lake Chamber of Commerce, Alberta Environment and others sent in letters of support. 

The region is awakening to the wonderful strength and potential that can be ours by working together!


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