The APLM Vision is the guiding force for all its behaviour and action.

Vision Statement:

We see Pigeon Lake as a safe, healthy and vibrant recreational community that offers residents and visitors --- all Albertans --- a great place to live and play.

Our Mission:

Work together to create and implement strategies needed to turn our vision into reality.

Our Values:

The vision and mission of the APLM is guided by 10 core values.

Core Values
  • Respect: for each APLM municipality, representative, and the needs of all Pigeon Lake residents.

  • Commitment: to work together to realize the vision.
  • Teamwork: to work in full cooperation and a spirit of collegiality with APLM colleagues, municipal councils, staff and residents.
  • Stewardship: to embrace our responsibilities as stewards of Pigeon Lake and its watershed environment.

  • Integrity: to demonstrate honesty and sincerity in all our dealings, upholding only the highest ethical principles.

  • Communication: to provide open and transparent communications to create informed opinions.

  • Innovation: to think broadly and long-term; to balance both municipal and lake-wide responsibilities; to do more with limited resources.

  • Unbiased: to provide opinions of value without prejudice.

  • Transparent: to be open about how we are structured, perform, and communicate.

  • Accountability: to maintain the balance of being accountable to our municipalities and the APLM.


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